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Waxing for Men in Louisville, KY

Good news, gentlemen! That clean face and chest you’ve been wanting can be yours thanks to male waxing services from European Wax Center - Louisville - Springhurst. Have you ever wanted that clean-shaved look without having to pick up a razor? Or have you noticed some hard to reach back hairs? At European Wax Center - Louisville - Springhurst, we can help you get the smooth look you desire. Our waxing for men menu includes a wide range of services, including chest waxing, back waxing, leg waxing, arm waxing, facial waxing, and more. Clippers, beard trimmers, and razors are out, and truly smooth skin is in.


Leave It to Our Experts in Men’s Waxing in Louisville

Hiding behind razor burn and uneven shaves? No thanks! At European Wax Center - Louisville - Springhurst, we’re all about helping you achieve that clean-cut look so that you can focus on putting your best face forward. Our waxing salon offers men’s face wax as well as nose waxing and ear waxing services, giving you the boost of confidence you need to reveal the real you. Do you have hair on your back and chest that you would like gone? Our waxing experts also provide chest waxing and back waxing services. No matter what services you want, our men’s wax process is the same. We first cleanse the skin and apply our pre-wax oil to the desired area. This ensures that the wax will adhere to the hair - not to your skin. Our wax specialists then apply our proprietary Comfort Wax™, remove the hair, and soothe your skin with either our Hair Serum or Restoring Serum - depending on whether you went for a men’s facial wax or .


Get Your Men’s Wax in Louisville

Unapologetic confidence looks good on everyone. Don’t let back hair and fast-growing facial hair keep you from revealing the real you. At European Wax Center - Louisville - Springhurst, our wax specialists can help you to always have skin in the game. Book your men’s wax in Louisville today, and we’ll give you free ear, nose, or eyebrow wax for your first wax appointment!

Services and Pricing

Prices and services may vary by location and are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of sales tax, where applicable.
Arms Full$41.00
Back Full$61.00
Bikini Brazilian$54.00
Butt Full$24.00
Chest Full$31.00
Hands $15.00
Legs Full$71.00
Nipples $13.00
Shoulders $25.00
Stomach Full$31.00
Toes $15.00
Underarms $23.00
Cheeks $14.00
Chin $12.00
Ears $14.00
Eyebrows $21.00
Full Face $56.00
Lip Lower $13.00
Neck $14.00
Nose $14.00
Sideburns $14.00
Prices and services may vary by location and are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of sales tax, where applicable.

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